About Us

What began as one person’s attempt to spread a little awareness has grown to include many, including our “core crew” pictured below, a large number of active volunteers, and a very supportive community. Together we have become a driving force for protecting a place we all love, New Smyrna Beach!

From front to back: Kristen Williams, Kimberly Burt Bachelor, Bridget Crawford, Maverick, Linda Henline, Julian Williams. Not pictured: Wayne Bennett

Keep NSB Clean was established to shed light on our litter pollution problems and encourage individuals to “unlitter their path” and make litter pick-ups part of their outdoor routine. This remains our primary mission. One person can make a big impact and inspire others to do the same!

We also host community cleanup events that are productive, fun, and great for awareness and recruiting volunteers. For larger cleanups we sometimes partner up with like-minded, nonprofit organizations. Other activities include litter-prevention projects such as adding cigarette butt receptacles to needy areas.