About Us

EVERYONE can be part of Keep NSB Clean’s Crew.

Our Volunteer Admin Crew: Debbie Dix, Linda Henline, Julian Williams & Kristen Kelpin Dolphy, Mav, Linda Palmer

When is the next cleanup? How about today?! Group cleanup events are tons of fun and fabulous for awareness and recruiting help. Our “Coffee ‘n Cleanup” events are popular and growing. We initiated the “NSB Breakfast Club” to “meet up, eat up, and clean up” and to provide a way for area anti-litter groups and community partners to connect. We also host impromptu events, birthday events, and help local businesses and groups host cleanups. All these events are great, but folks making litter pick-up a part of their outdoor routine can have an even greater positive impact on our beach, in our neighborhoods, and well, everywhere. See our Awareness Campaign for information about how EVERYONE can get involved and be part of our crew.