Earth Day Sunrise Celebration! 🌎🌅☕

We love sunrises, coffee, and a litter-free NSB! How about you?

To celebrate Earth Day we’re gonna be out EARLY sipping coffee and catching a beautiful NSB sunrise! Why don’t you join us? If you bring your reusable coffee mug we just might have a refill for you. 😉

After sunrise, if you have time, borrow one of our buckets and grabbers or gloves (or bring your own cleanup equipment) and head down a street or sidewalk, into a parking lot, or hit the sand and do some litter grabbing. 🗑

Bring your trashy finds to us by 8:30 to receive a participation prize and a raffle ticket. 🎫

A word or two of caution… The sand dunes have suffered much erosion and are quite fragile so we ask that volunteers stay off of them even if trash is visible. Soon we’ll be into turtle nesting season and that will be an additional reason to leave the dunes undisturbed. 💚 🐢

One more thing… The great outdoors gives us plenty of room to spread out so let’s try to limit the rubbing of elbows, ok? 😏